About Us

Health Products You Can Trust

TruInsights provides greater detail into the consumable products you purchase. We provide modernized software tools for manufacturers, brands, and growers to log, verify, and share the information consumers desire. 

Scan the TruInsights QR code to see verified information on the source and purity of ingredients, finished product lab testing, and related scientific facts. 

TruInsights was established to help consumers cut out the marketing noise and find products that can prove quality, instead of just marketing it.

Consumer Problems

Fake & Misleading Online Reviews

It's been found that over 35% of online reviews are fake. Furthermore, companies regularly incentivize users to give 5 star reviews. Reviews can be misleading and do not give an accurate judgement of the product.

Outdated "Certified" Status

Product certification methods are outdated. Usually, an annual audit is conducted and the producer is deemed "certified". However, this is only a snapshot. There is no guarantee for the status the remainder of the year.

All Products Advertise As "Quality" & "Safe"

Every product markets itself as quality and safe. However, do you really know if that's true or if it is just marketing jargon? TruInsights allows companies to prove quality, instead of just saying it.

Impossible To Tell What Is Safe Or Accurate

If the only insight into your products is filtered through the companies that sell them, how can you trust that information is accurate? Cut through the marketing noise and rely on verified information you can trust.

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