How TruInsights Works

A modern-day certification mark

Step 1: Manufacturing

Manufacturers log standardized quality control information in real-time.

Step 2: Blockchain Verification

Supply chain data is verified on an immutable blockchain ledger from start to finish.

Step 3: Supply Chain Monitoring

Manufacturers, suppliers, and growers share quality control information over a network.

Step 4: Transparency

Trusted, batch-specific information shared directly with you.

Trust Built In Technology.

Proven Quality

TruInsights shares batch-specific information about the source and purity of ingredients, finished product lab tests, and related scientific facts directly with consumers. Products are ranked based on their level of supply chain traceability and transparency.

A Modern-Day Certification Mark

Batch Specific

All TruInsights information is specific per batch of product produced. Not per brand. Meaning you get granular information on the quality and origin of your products.

Lab Tested

At minimum, each product with a TruInsights label has undergone finished product lab testing for microbials and heavy metals. This information is shared directly with you and updated for every batch of products.

Blockchain Verified

All information shared via the TruInsights QR codes is logged on an immutable blockchain ledger in real-time. This ensures the information shared is accurate and has not been altered.

Full Transparency

Each product voluntarily chooses to share this verified information. Each brand that works with TruInsights values transparency and is not afraid to prove the quality and integrity of their products. These are brands you can trust.

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